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Why Your Sporting Group Should Stay In A Motel

Why your sporting group should stay in a motel

If there is one thing we can agree that almost every Australian loves, it is sport. All around the world, us Aussies are known not only for enjoying sport, but at thriving and succeeding at it as well.

That kind of affection for and active participation in sport means that, as we fill our calendars with events far and wide throughout the year, we are going to need places to stay.

Of course, there are plenty of options – and a hotel always seems to be the obvious ‘go to’ first choice. But let’s take a moment to consider another option that is in fact probably much more suitable for a travelling sporting group: the motel.

Hotel vs motel – what’s the difference?

Firstly, let’s explore the basic differences between a hotel and a motel. While many people may actually struggle to explain what those many differences are, in reality it is fairly simple: a motel is normally more flexible.

A hotel is usually simply rows and rows of rooms separated by corridors, accessed after parking your vehicle somewhere else and checking in. But the motel – whose name was derived from combining the words ‘motor’ and ‘hotel’ – effectively has the ‘corridors’ outside, with your vehicle always an integral part of your space.

So when it comes to why you should choose a motel for your next sporting event stopover, here are some great reasons:

1. Parking

As we mentioned, parking is always integral to a motel room, while at a hotel it can be little more than an afterthought – never forget that the ‘M’ in the name stands for ‘motor’. Having your car or vehicle nearby means you can come and go with little fuss.

2. Service

Motels are normally privately or independently owned, rather than just one of many in a major hotel chain. In practice, this can often be the road to better, friendlier and a more personalised service, which is important for that sporting trip, in which camaraderie, teamwork and – of course – sport are rightly the main focus.

3. Price

Although parking is easier and the service can be better, motels are typically more affordable than hotels – for facilities that are a match or even better than those other options.

A great extra benefit to that is that longer term motel stays are made viable, which is perfect if your sporting group needs to set up camp for a while.

4. Facilities

Hotels are often just a room, a bed and little else, but the facilities in a motel really can go above and beyond. Laundry services are typically available, which can be absolutely crucial for all that grubby sporting group gear, and motels often provide breakfast and even lunch for those hungry sports appetites.

And for those groups wanting to cater for their own specific sporting group needs, motels also usually provide things like microwaves, fridges, toasters and tea and coffee making facilities, while WiFi – for keeping up to date with scores and communicating back to home base – is normally fast and free.

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