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Newcastle is your Autumn destination

When you think about Newcastle as forget what you think you know, this city is evolving quickly and it has literally transformed itself into an important tourist destination. Elizabeth Motor Inn is a convenient 10-minute drive from the centre of the city and the glorious beaches that lace its fringes. Regardless of the season, there […]

Three attractions you can’t miss when visiting Newcastle

Before discussing Newcastle’s many attractions (it’s very hard to pick just three) it’s worth talking about the general ambience of the place. There’s something unique about Newcastle. It exists at an amazing crossroad between everything that makes Australia special. It has all of the infrastructure and facilities of a major city, including trendy areas like […]

7 Steps To Selecting The Perfect Affordable Motel

When it comes to planning accommodation for a forthcoming trip, many people simply find themselves asking the question: ‘which hotel should we stay in?’ But perhaps a better question is ‘why not a motel?‘ Motels can be located in quieter areas away from the bustle and noise of cities, easy vehicle parking is always a […]

Why Your Sporting Group Should Stay in a Motel

If there is one thing we can agree that almost every Australian loves, it is sport. All around the world, us Aussies are known not only for enjoying sport, but at thriving and succeeding at it as well. That kind of affection for and active participation in sport means that, as we fill our calendars […]

6 Travel Tips For Overnight Stays

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, travelling can be exhausting. At the end of the day, though, you can take solace in a peaceful night at a motel of your choosing. Drawing from a lifetime of work-related travel, we have found a few tips that can make a world of difference, so that you can […]

5 Things To Do While Visiting Newcastle

Situated in the Australian state of New South Wales, Newcastle is a harbour city with beautiful stretches of coastline. Apart from having pristine beaches making it ideal for sightseeing, walking and surfing, Newcastle is at the mouth of the Hunter River. Sydney is just 162 kilometres north of Newcastle, making it an ideal location. Famous […]