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7 Steps To Selecting The Perfect Affordable Motel

7 steps to selecting the perfect affordable motel

When it comes to planning accommodation for a forthcoming trip, many people simply find themselves asking the question: ‘which hotel should we stay in?’ But perhaps a better question is ‘why not a motel?‘

Motels can be located in quieter areas away from the bustle and noise of cities, easy vehicle parking is always a key feature, and a motel can be more flexible and adaptable to your particular purpose and needs. But perhaps the best thing about a motel is that it is generally much less expensive than a hotel.

Having said that, a cheap, bad motel can absolutely ruin your trip. But an affordable motel can also be meticulously and wisely selected, ensuring a great getaway that doesn’t cost the earth but ticks every box.

Let’s explore some of the main things to consider when finding motel accommodation:

1. Cost

Of course, when you’re perusing potential affordable motel accommodation, cost will of course be a major factor. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework. Different areas will obviously attract different average rates, so if a particular motel is particularly cheap – it may be worth skipping as it could be in an inconvenient or poor location.

2. Recommendations

The very best way to choose a great motel is to get a recommendation from a family member or friend, or a third party independent review website or guide. Don’t be put off by the odd bad review, so long as the balance of people who stayed there had a good experience.

3. Location

Location, location, location works for buying real estate and selecting an affordable motel, so if you’re heading into an area for a conference or to do some sightseeing, you don’t want to pick the cheapest place if it’s too far from where you really want to go, as it could spoil your plans for a car and parking-free outing.

4. Features

Remember, ‘affordable’ doesn’t just mean inexpensive. The cheapest motels might have very poor amenities or features, horribly presented rooms, paper-thin walls, no internet coverage and abysmal service, so make sure you weigh up the cost versus the kinds of things you expect from good accommodation.

5. Access

Another thing to consider is whether the motel you’re leaning towards selecting will be suitable for you. For instance, if you’re in a wheelchair, will they be able to offer a room that is suitable in terms of facilities and access?

6. Dining

It might sound trivial now, but when your stomach starts to rumble, what sort of food options will your motel offer you? Is there a good nearby restaurant, is in-house dining offered? When you’ve had a busy day and you’ve skipped a meal, be sure to consider what your motel or the surrounding location can provide before booking.

7. Service

As suggested above, it can be great motel staff service that makes or breaks your decision to stay or to skip. So if you’re finding that decision difficult to make, give the front desk a call or drop them an email and ask the manager to convince you why you should book some dates.

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