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6 Travel Tips For Overnight Stays

6 travel tips for overnight stays

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, travelling can be exhausting. At the end of the day, though, you can take solace in a peaceful night at a motel of your choosing. Drawing from a lifetime of work-related travel, we have found a few tips that can make a world of difference, so that you can make the most out of any overnight stay.

1. Get recharged

A nice Newcastle motel room is a great place for you to recharge. A comfy bed, clean sheets, and some climate control are often all you need to settle in and reboot for the next day. While you recharge, however, be sure your devices can recharge as well. Whatever the reason for travel, these days we all carry multiple devices which require charging on at least a daily basis. While your room will likely be equipped with all the outlets you’ll need, be sure to pack the right chargers and adapters for everything. A good USB hub can be useful to charge a few devices at once, but you can also take advantage of the USB ports on your laptop to charge things that way. Portable battery packs are also handy, though they are while convenient they do leave you with one more thing to charge overnight. In any event, you don’t want to be caught without a charge.

2. Bring a bag in your bags

Even the most meticulous packers often throw their careful methods out the window when it comes to packing for the return home. This makes the unpacking process an unpleasant reality facing you upon your return. One simple way to address this is to bring one or two small bags inside your suitcase, and as you accumulate laundry, stuff it into these bags, instead of just throwing it into your suitcase. Not only will this help save room in your bags by restricting how much space your laundry takes up, but once you’re home, these bags can be put straight into the laundry in one fell swoop.

3. Bring pyjamas

Not everyone wears pyjamas; polls suggest that at least half the population likes to sleep au natural. Regardless of your preference, it’s in your best interest to bring something with you to wear at night. Whether or not you sleep in it, you never know when something might happen to cause you to open your door or leave your room in the middle of the night at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold in a motel towel!

4. Packing cubes

These small, usually zippered bags are available at many department stores in various brands and varieties and can make packing (and unpacking) a breeze. Any regular traveller likely has a stash of these in various shapes and sizes. One for socks and underwear, one for T-shirts, one for jeans, and so on. An easy way to keep things as neat as possible, they fit nicely into any bag of whatever size. If you’re staying in one place for a while, they’re easy to toss into a motel dresser drawer to give you an instantly more settled and at home feeling.

5. Do your research

Whether you booked your motel or your company did, once you have your motel’s address you can easily find out everything you need to know about the area. While years ago you had to rely on the motel’s website (or prior to the web, actual footwork), these days you can use Yelp, Google Maps, Swarm, or any one of many available websites and apps to find out everything you need to know about an area. Do your research ahead of time so you’ll have some ideas going in.

6. Even if you pack heavy, pack light

If you’re packed for a long trip, you might have a few suitcases. If you’re just stopping for a night or two in one spot on your long trip, why not leave the big bags in the car? Pack enough clothing and toiletries in your small bags, be it a backpack or a carry-on roller, and live out of those on short stops. Heaving around a full sized suitcase can be tiring. Save yourself some effort – and hassle – with a little forward thinking.

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